Our Story

Connect With Nature

Our story begins in 2020, when COVID-19 hits worldwide and we see a big surge in outdoor activities. Our founder is a camping enthusiast and has always loved being active and outdoors but… camping was work.
Many hours were spent loading and unloading along with setting up, tearing down equipment. Not to mention renting/buying and storing camping equipment.

Our Mission

Make Campers' Lives Easier

Our aspiration is to deliver happiness and positivity through nature and camping, we want to make sure that you can enjoy relaxing in nature right when you arrive at the campground.

Campground Reservation Assist
We help find the best reservation slot for you for your trip.
Premium Camping Gear rentals
Our camping gear is top quality and we p.rovide all everything that you'd need to have great gear during your camping trip
Delivery, Set-up and Teardown
You don't have to lift a finger when you book a camping trip. Our team will deliver, set-up and teardown your tent.
Camping concierge service
Our team members will serve you during your whole trip and make sure you have all that you need to have a great camping trip.
Fun camping activities
We provide addons and other activities to make your camping trip fun and memorable.
Hassle Free Camping Experience
When booking with us we remove all the worry about getting all the camping gear, booking your reservation. All you do is show up and your ready to camp.
Our Values

What We Stand For

Our Value

Wellness is a big part of our company’s focus and we strongly believe that nature is a powerful influence in both our physical and mental lives, so we make sure that every step of your journey is nothing but relaxing and restful.

Behind The Scenes

WeCamped have spent hundreds of hours scouting for the best campgrounds, providing our campers with the best sceneries, locations, and shades. Our employees have been trained with the best tools and techniques to ensure a quality experience.

map icon

We are currently located in Orange County, covering O’Neill Campground, Lake Perris Campground, Doheny State Beach Campground and many more to come!
Now that WeCamped handles the tedious part of camping, we encourage everyone to try out camping!

Giving Back is Vital 

Every 10 tents rented, we will donate one trip for TEACHERS and one trip for

HEALTH-CARE Professionals!